More inconsiderate BS… apparently they’re going to fumigate the house on Thursday morning… the first I’ve heard about it is today, via the neighbors. I went out to restock on food, and he couldn’t bother to leave a note for me? Sakes, what is wrong with these people? Both the new and old landlords need to get their collective stuff together… as it stands now, I’m going to be spending Thursday night at a hotel, and I’m trying to figure what the best plan of action to take with Newt is… Either board him at the vet, (which I’d prefer not to do)…Sneak him into a hotel with me overnight (Most preferred) or keep him in the private office at work overnight (better than boarding him… he’s familiar with the place, anyhow.) Option #2 is most likely. I *really really* dislike it when there’s a deadline for something coming up, and people don’t let me know, or notify me at the last minute…. All it takes is leaving a note or a voice mail… not hard.

Heaven help ’em if I’d have come home Thursday night to a tented apartment with Newt inside. Just thinking about it gives me a fit. Now I have a cupboard full of food, that has to be packaged up, too… I’d have gotten by on what I had, and polished it off if I’d known. That reminds me… take the Newt food with on Thursday to the hotel… don’t want him eating any more pesticide than usual. I’d sooner donate what’s on my shelves to a food bank than take it all out and double bag it… I have all kinds of rice and noodles, dried beans and teas that are subject to getting fumed.

Dave should be by inside the next thirty minutes or so… I’m just glad that I’m social with my neighbors.

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