I looked briefly at an apartment on my street, but it wasn’t my thing. It was nice, except for the bathroom… the tub needed to be replaced, and I was sort of weirded out that the last tenant had put a deadbolt on the door to the john. I wonder what caused that? It was a double-key lock…no manual latch on either side did he lock himself in, and other people out? Worse, my imagination went off on a tangent about locking other people in there. It gave me heebie-jeebies enough to make me decide to pass on the place. I paid the landlord for the month of June yesterday, and verified that he did indeed have a full month’s rent as a deposit, should I decide to vacate with less than a month’s notice, it could go towards my last month’s rent.

The insidious VCR Threat of 1982

Read carefully. Then substitute the word “Internet” for every instance of “VCR”, and you’ll have Jack Valenti’s assessment of our current “crisis”

Sony Music Lobbies for Ban on Markers
Following up on a story on how markers can be used to defeat music CD copy protection:

Washington DC – Ralph Hughes of Sony Music testified in the Senate today urging lawmakers to enact legislation which would ban felt tip markers. “These innocuous looking writing instruments are the scourge of our society,” he said holding up a Sharpie. “Not only can this black stick of death be used to violate the DMCA, but it could also be used to write the instructions to incubate the anthrax virus.”

Remember: it’s only a joke until they do it for real.

Reading my “friendsfriends” list… interesting…found the world’s smallest website. very cute.

Got an anonymous flame last night… I suspect it was a random surfer, and I don’t think he’ll be back again. Random abuse is just alien to me… I’m not angry or upset, just befuddled. Getting bothered by it would be like reading “FUCK YOU” on a bathroom wall and saying, “Fuck ME!? H-how DARE they!!”

Well, it looks like the bro isn’t up to my visiting with him today… so it’s a kick back at home and chill out sort of Sunday, and look at rocks shaped like shoes, maybe pick up People of the Wolf later, if the local bookstore has it in stock.

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