Time flies like an arrow… fruit flies like a banana.

Woke up this morning with puffy eyes. Some stressful dreams, but no real details. Combative, muscle-tightening.

Took a brief walk, but really didn’t tarry too far. I’m going to have to walk the neighborhood soon and collect the numbers of the assorted places renting. Maybe early Saturday, before laundry.

One of the families that moved out still have 2 cars in my parking space. I’m not using it, and I said that they could use the space until I needed it… but I have no way of reaching them. Are these things abandoned? I think I’ll put a note on the cars and ask them to notify me within a week, or if I should deal with them as scrap.

Getting together with my brother tonight, for movies, video games, pizza and good conversation. Digging out my blockbuster card now. I haven’t really used it in a year or so. Work will be thick today, because it’s Friday, and half the department has taken the day off for the long weekend ahead, including Dale. Funny how all the people taking off are hourly, and all the salaried folks are staying.

I find myself wondering if Newt would learn to fish if I kept an aquarium. He won’t leave the sea monkeys alone unless there’s a very solid barrier.

I’ve heard that a Maryland metro train smells like goat drool. (Some routes to Miami by bus have a Romano Cheese / Foot smell, too)

I’m doing what I can to keep a positive mindset, I foresee a rough time this weekend, but it’ll be followed by good stuff.

What will the sci-fi geeks watch now that Buffy and X-files are gone? Isn’t Enterprise pretty much universally disliked?

I had a dream the other day where pus was saved from a large boil in a mason jar to drive off burglars. A gross kind of molotov cocktail. I think it’d be effective…if someone lobbed a jar of the stuff at me, I’d think twice about robbing the place. If I knew a jar of it was in the house, I’d pass it by. Maybe it’s time to make a sign there, too.

I’m going to do another minor gig for Women in Distress for Jenjen… just setting up client files and some general reporting. Not a big payer but Jen’s a friend, and it is a charity. 🙂

I want to word-associate with my beloved this weekend… it’s been a while since we did that last, and it’s always been fun.

and now, a moment of zen.

A single moon
Bright and clear
In an unclouded sky;
Yet still we stumble
In the world’s darkness.

– Ikkyu (1394-1481)

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