reading the morning news before work

First off.. I have a tiny tin Viking ship from Norway on my desktop… it’s maybe two inches long, and has sat comfortably under monitor #2 for quite a while. For some reason, the Noot has recently discovered it, and it is one of his favorite “hockey pucks” to kick around the desk, until it falls off and lands on the carpet below. He doesn’t chase it, but sits there waiting for me to replace it so that he can bat it around again. I’m not sure what caused him to discover this toy so recently. I won’t throw it to fetch, because it’s metal. As an experiment, I just tossed an army man, and he was very much up for chasing it, and bringing it back about five times before leaving the toy behind and returning on his own… trolling around for another toy, I tossed a paperwad, but he didn’t seem as interested. He’s now licking the crackle-nip-tick.

I look forward to doing this with my sweetheart. (among other things… )

Underoos Gallery!

A project to restore the extinct Tasmanian tiger via cloning has reached a milestone. Read the CNN story.

Iranian hardliners end Barbie dolls honeymoon

Recently Moral Police have stepped up arrest and harassment of shopkeepers for selling Barbie dolls and whatever decorated with different shapes of Barbie and its image which are immensely used by school children.

Read that sentence again. That’s a professionally written news article with an incomprehensible run-on sentence.

Moment of Zen –

Lodging in the world,
The body is like a dream,
If one lives in peace,
A day can be like a year.
Trying to sleep,
I toss and turn on the worn out mat,
And pace around and around
In my tattered monk’s shawl.
The Master suggests I
Make my bed among
The wind and bamboo,
And have a drink beside
The waters of the rocky spring.
A nod of the head,
And all worldly affairs seem wrong.
Laughing at myself,
I understand the wisdom of the Master.

– Su Shih 1073

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