images from the doctor…

didn’t have much time to scribble… only had to wait about a half hour, and I read for about 20 minutes.

boo-boo spine on left, ha-ha spine on right… can you see the difference?
the day modular spines become trendy, I'll take two.

I really like all the charts at the doc’s office.
what I think I look like without skin

Although I don’t often drink it, I craved coffee something fierce this morn, and acted on it. it was goooooood. hit the spot.
Ahh... bean soup... food of the gods, bringer of life

My blood pressure is back to normal! I’m usually 120/80, but both sides shot way way up when I was hurting… it peaked even higher, but this is how far it dropped from last visit.
blood pressure drops to reasonable levels when I'm not in extreme pain.

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