heading south early

9:00 am- I can see the bus on the horizon, about 10 min away.

got a call from the brother this morning…I’m bringing him some stuff to get him through until monday. meeting him at central term in about 45 minutes

on the bus now – 9:13 am two public transit fashion trends i’ve noticed this week… fat albert t-shirts and people reading Gibran’s “The Prophet”. Both are entertaining to me in different ways. Also a lot of sports caps, and pleasanty calm, happy babies.

Since the terminal started cracking down on solicitors, the JW’s there have adopted a more soft sell… they now sit in strategic places, and if you make eye contact, they offer to hand off a copy of “Awake!” or “Watchtower” without saying a word by just holding it slightly towards you. Since they implemented the solicitation ban and closed tent city, there are far fewer people begging, too… I wonder what venue they use now?

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