Dr. Quinn, there’s a major leak in pod seven…

Good walkies… and freshly scrubbed. The walk was nice… refreshing. I pictured Pterodactyls fighting the Goodyear blimp… both of which have to team up to destroy the enemy Atlanteans riding up the coast in their seawater-filled bubble-cars, brandishing tridents and speaking in their dolphin-like nattering tongue. They can’t fool me. They don’t know, but we can take ’em, when it comes down to brass tacks.

Dogs know you’re a pod person… they *always* know. Fortunately, they’re in on the joke.

and now, we pull back, zooming over Florida, and retreating to an outside shot of a snow-globe, totally ripping off Citizen Kane, but with the sound of sizzling fajitas in the background…until later, dear journal.


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