Boo, Verisign!

Fun keywords to my site this week…

Google superbabies cartoon
Yahoo bug tattoos in florida (#19 down.)
Google little ceasar’s crazy bread (#10 down)

I can come up behind Newton as he sleeps, and just hug him. no spaz, no freakout. Just a sleepy awakening and then *nuzznuzznuzz*

and now, a humble request, from

Time, if you please, for another Google bomb.

My friend and yours, Leslie Harpold, continues to suffer the arrogance and incompetence of Verisign, a company to whom she paid money in exchange for the safekeeping of her domain,, and who then cheerfully sold it to someone else.

Perhaps Verisign will fix this fiasco some day; nonetheless I see no reason not to share the story. With, say, all the stock analysts, potential investors, journalists and (apparently) lowly domain registrants who type the word Verisign into Google. Your link to:

<a href=””>Verisign</a>

will help steer the way.

That’s Verisign.

Thank you.

She’s the one that showed me poemtags.

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