Yet another reason to save your work:

I left my last revision to the LRsetup program floating on my system last night… I come in to work today, and the machine is sitting at the login screen. Sometime between 8pm and noon, about an hour’s worth of work was lost, but no problem… my scratchpad still had the saved code in it, and all I had to do. Why, oh why, dear journal, can the developer’s kit for visual studio not implement an “auto-save” feature like my simplest of word processing programs?

doing outsourced data twiddling for a mailing to Peru… has first name, middle, father’s last, mother’s last… I need to do research on how they like to have things formatted “Peruvian Style”. I was happy when I get that ironed out, and could get back to real programming today. I got to ask Lourdes or Chupa about it, because The Rock is out on an extended lunch
today… possibly never to return.

Dealt with the pokey folks at the home office today…, and still no data for the laser room. I really didn’t want to stay late tonight… between them and telemedia playing at lead-butt, It’s a wonder anything will be done before the weekend. The C and X processes have been run for the first, but I can’t go anywhere near the third yet. Ugh… I’m usually well done with this part. At least it’s automated now, if still slow. I like the new format for the x process. fortunately I got to leave at a reasonable hour.

In Dallas, TX, the police are prosecuting low-level porn clerks. The cashiers who ring up your purchase. This is so they can tell the militant anti-porn lobby that they’re doing something, without actually doing anything. Like closing the stores or arresting the store owners or the porn producers or distributors. Because the porn shops are operating legally.

There are store clerks who have been arrested as many as 50 times. The stores usually pay the fines but, you know, they still have obscenities charges on their records. I can hear Dante yelling “I’m not even supposed to be here today!”

To recap: cashiers in legal porn stores are being arrested for legally selling porn.

I’m not coming out as pro-porn here, just validating my continued stance as anti-stupidity.

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