I really like making prezzies for my sweetheart. She already knows sort of what one of ’em is, but will be surprised by the others. That reminds me… “Hey Thor! Where’s mah sweetie’s rain, man? I’ve got mine… where’s hers? huh? huh? Speak up, bub!” Silly thunder god.

I forgot to mention last night… the neighbor kid tore up the majority of my plants… only catgrass and sweet alyssum remain… so I gave Newt the catgrass to gnaw on… to make up for his mad from yesterday morn. I never did get around to supper, so now I’m huuuuuunnnnngeeerrrrryyyyy.

What Jelly Belly flavor are you? I’m –

Find your flavor here!

I was watching Jerry Springer the other day – the man, not his show – on CNN’s Crossfire of all things. He made some interesting points, which I agreed with (in spite of being a lawyer, a former politician, and a talk show host, the man is very intelligent). He stated that although his show has been called exploitative, airing human misery for ratings, at least they’re up front about doing that, and the people on the show are on there voluntarily because no matter how tragic, inane or embarrassing, they want to be on television.

The news media, on the other hand, are the treacherous ones. Take, for example, the Pearl execution video. The news media will tell you they had to air it because the public has a right to now. Springer’s contention is that they could have told that story in many different ways without showing that video. Pearl’s family and friends gave no consent to show it. The news media aired it as a ratings grab dressed up in rhetoric about noble causes and the First Amendment.

I’m with Springer on this one. This is why I don’t watch TV news anymore; I’d rather form my own balanced opinions via the Internet.

Then again, I’m also the guy who just yesterday was wondering why no one’s ever invented peanut butter soda.

Technical Configurations: Directed Energy Attacks & Mind Assault gives you a good idea what mind control is like from both sides. The hapless puppet’s brain is an open book, ripe for abuse by soulless hidden masters; the puppeteers get a pension plan. And YOU will get popups if you hit the link, because it’s on Tripod. Fair warning.

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