The “Sunshine State” indeed… how about the “rumbling gray-skied rain that makes Scotto want to nap state”?

from pserv

The linguistic equivalent of an ecological disaster is looming, say researchers, who warn that 90 per cent of the world’s languages are likely to disappear by 2050.

*waves bye bye to British Romani, Tofi…. I hope good records are maintained, anyhow. Sort of reminds me of yesterday’s thoughts on how we look.

Just to play the devil’s advocate… is this such a bad thing, really? Is common ground for thought an acceptable substitute for diversity? Sort of like preserving an endangered species…the heart might be in the right place, but perhaps there’s a reason for it to be dying out, too… Making way for the bigger, stronger, or more adaptable things. Besides, we have people creating new languages, too… Not that I really want to hang with the folks who speak Elvish or Klingon, but Esperanto is a noble-enough calling. How’s that old gag go? “People who speak three or more languages are multilingual, two languages are bilingual, and one language are American.

Wouldn’t one common, unifying tongue be more beneficial, overall?

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