I need to get another straight razor… disposables are wasteful, don’t do as good a job, and my electric is really of only any value at trimming. Hot water seems to last a *lot* longer with no neighbors on either side of me… I wonder if the heater is on a community line?

No walkies this morning… *cues Queen* thunder and lightning, very very frightening *sends ’em off stage*

I'm Nathaniel!
I’m Nathaniel, who are you? by pickles!

Which monkey are you?

Hmm… I wonder why I don’t get birthday notifications anymore…the only reason I remembered it was rgladiator‘s was that I popped in via my portal, and even that’s being a little silly today. Sleeping late with a cat is doing pretty well, 12 wins out of 17 votes, with a score of 48.

10 ways to sneak fabric into the house is showing up again on the search engines entering my site… from both Google and yahoo, and I’ve gotten an email about it… apparently it’s some sort of poem. If I ever do find the whole quote, I’ll host it in my blog, just so other people can find it. I’ve taken about 14 hits in the last week or so from that criteria.

Is thirsty a mood?

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