I forgot to mention that the bro gave me his little gargoyle statue… Newt likes to pimp-slap it around as best he can with little bippity-bips from between the monitors. He can just get enough reach to tap the face.

Just deleted a totally off-topic post in the . I hope that the person who wrote it doesn’t become a problem.

I’m a compulsive downloader… woke up this morning, and discovered Dude that’s my car, scorpion king, and donnie darko.

Why did I download “dude?”… I don’t know, but I’m watching it now in the background. It’s acturally, pretty stupid-funny. (six minutes into it.) I’m sure stoners would delight in the ensuing shenanigans.

I don’t know if I should burn it to a cd after viewing, or delete it. It’s mystery is only surpassed by its power.

cheshire noot

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