Happy birthday, Apollo, god of music, healing, protection, scrying, men’s mysteries, victory, poetry, and fun.

On his birth at Delos, Apollo was acclaimed by all the gods and the island was covered with golden flowers and encircled with swans. As soon as he tasted the ambrosia of his nurse Themis, he suddenly grew to full youth and demanded a lyre and a bow. He announced that his fathers will would be presented to the world through his oracular lyric poetry. Apollo then began to play and to “step high and featly” as became his style of dance. Apollo’s temple was at Crisa below Mount Parnassus in Phocis.

When a man was suffering from a disease, blackthorn and laurel branches were hung on the door of this house because they took away the wicked spirits, made Apollo propitious and were also a sign in order to invite passers by not to clamor and not to disturb the sick people’s sleep.

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