Woke up a little bit ago… brother called me up…we’re going to meet for breakfast at the grove in about a half hour. I should be back at the HQ by 12 or 12:30ish

and now, some scottobear lj poetry

But they knew I could do strange things
that wasn’t a way back being an outside,
and does that make me care to see
if I’m not sure only you also like clockwork:
stole the Answers, ok?
I’ll not answer all comers with recycled indefinite wastewater.
I’m not living in answer time and he of the landlord and
I got the final journal; turns and lightening now Our common and tabletop RPGS:
tridents and miscellaneous the possible other dang thing and out with his attempt
to I think feel is a Monday!
What you’ve put out what I know: the time being background.

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