The catgrass that I sneak-planted out on the side of the house is *huge*! I think it grows about five times faster than the rest of the lawn…now I just have to tell some kitties about it so they’ll have something to snack on.

On the topic of kitties… Newt has no idea how much damage I *could* do to him. I chase him around the house, and he turns and chases me back…he know’s I wouldn’t hurt him, so he’s allowed to be the fierce hunter, and take me down like a caveman and a mastadon.

I need to get up extra early tomorrow.. followup at the docs… hopefully I can get some sports-therapy out of my back being naughty the other day. Once I find a good light-table, I’ll take piccies of my MRI films and post them here.

supa-noot to the rescue!

On ground, night patrol, while Lucille gets some rest…
patrolling the counters....

and the alleyways...

bereft of his cape, newt must fight to the death with the multicolored evil flea.

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