Wow… major rain this morn, so much so that the walk will be curtailed until later.

Sun’s peeking out just enough to light the room… which is just fine by me. Giving me a nap attack… I just might head back in for another hour or so.

John Ashcroft wants to know what you’ve been reading, and thanks to the USA Patriot act, he can supoena any library or bookstore and find out. It also places a gag order on the book dealer, prohibiting them from revealing that they or their customers (that’s *you*) are being investigated. Yikes! Not like I’m guilty of anything, but I’m glad I keep my address different on all my silly “saver” cards. (I use 1600 pennsylvania avenue… ) But library books, too? They’ve got me there. I wonder if there’ll be tagging of certain books as dangerous? I know I checked out the Anarchist’s Cookbook on more than one occasion as a teen, and that one should surely shake a few cages, these days.

gratuitous newtcam shot

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