ok, I’m back, showered in both rain and hot water, shave… and have a smile on my face. Mentally clear and have the cobs brushed away…. but I’ll still probably take that nap later.

I have a *lot* of tasty, healthful food… all my arms could carry. I don’t feel guilty for using plastic bags because I was walking in the rain and recycle ’em anyhow, as kitchen trash or back at the market’s recycling center… I’m delighted that this city uses a waste-to-energy program(opens in a new page) and recycles so much… no giant landfills here to deal with, and the resources are put to better use. (Heck, we even water the city grass with recycled wastewater… like spraying fertiliser on the stuff… the greenest grass around.

Back to rest and relaxation, dear journal.

Orange hugs

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