Didn’t get much sleep last night, I forgot to use the CPAP for the first time in ages…only the comfort and company of my two favorite redheads made it worth my while… I love them both so much!

I plan on taking a nap in a little bit to try to recharge my batteries some. It’s raining lightly outside, and I feel more placid now… have some champa burning, and a much more positive outlook. Newt impresses me by scratching his chin with his right rear paw, effortlessly. I wish I could do that… though I’d prefer to have a prehensile tail to Newt’s running / navigation strip. (He does have great colors, though… stripey-tail is very fashionable this season, I imagine.)

Off to go grocery shopping… I got fresh fruit yesterday, time to restock the other stuff. I’m making some stir-fry for supper tonight… I dont mind walking in the rain… it’s refreshing, and I’m not getting anything that’ll melt.

Some goofy perspective here… the price I pay by putting the cam at the foot of the bed.

Me and the baby sleeping…
Newt sleeping at my foot
Newt Wakes up… and realises he’s slept past sunup!
Newt wakes, and decides it's playtime
Newt wakes me by a kitty-kiss, and a request to play fetch.
me and the newt sharing a hug, while my big ol' foot sticks out.

Smoochin' De Newt

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