Yoda is my hero.

no spoilers, but just that.

Saw star wars tonight, and he stole the show as far as I’m concerned.

It’s not terribly memorable, aside from the little green guy. No dialog or clips stand out in my mind, and there’s not a lot of chemistry on screen. all the parts that were memorable were cgi or costumes. the people didn’t grab me. neat starships, scenery, and droids.

Tucked my beloved in, and now I ponder briefly, before hitting the sack, m’self.

Sun and Moon. Day and Night. Consciousness and Dream. Sun gods usually have to demand blood; the Moon gets hers every 28 days, like clockwork. My sweetheart is ovulating right now, and working on her tan. More and more Sun and Moon.

I’m hitting the sack… nigh nigh, dear journal.

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