Mysteries surround us daily.

I like to pick out one or two unexplained things every day, and try to find a solution to it… or, barring that, make up a myth about how it came to be that way.

I’m not sure what today’s mystery is yet. perhaps that’s a mystery in and of itself.

I’m wondering why we have two of one sort of body part…. like nostrils. why two? did we need “stereophonic scent” at one point? Two eyes give us binocular vision, and two ears make it so that pinpointing a sound works well, via triangulation. Why two lungs, and two kidneys, but only one heart and liver?

Tonight, I’m getting out of work early to see Star Wars with the goon squad at work, as well as a few misc folk… I hope baby Boba isn’t as annoying as baby Darth was.

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