Ugh… termite inspector came by at 7 am, and caught me heading out for walkies. If I’d been asleep (like the guy next door) there’d have been a problem. Apparently she didn’t call anyone to let us know that this guy would be here.

Strike Two for the new landlord and realtor. I’m going to give her a ring tonight and formally request notification at least 24 hours in advance about such stuff, and post a card on my door for any future visitors stating – “Please do not disturb. If an appointment was made, please call the real estate agent and tell them that you were not permitted to come in because I was not notified. If you are the realtor, please call next time, and we can work out a mutually agreeable time for a visit. Thank you.”

Hopefully today I can put more work into my website… get the skeleton worked out at least, and convert the concept into some solid CSS level one.

The tough part is going with what style to run with… I think I’ll pick one, and run with it.. once it’s in CSS, swapping out should be simple enough… (he said, knowing full well that weirdness does pop up.)

Pretty day out this morning… no sign of the impending week of wet…. but that’s how it is, here. like flicking a switch.

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