Thank goodness for the internet… I had Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (freshly downloaded last night to CD)going in the background as I chew on my daily ration of programming hubbub.

I saw by peeking into my cam at home (on an available machine… still no local access.. bah!) that the people were by… and though I was told that they were only going to check to see if the appliances worked… they opened and went into my closet. There are *no outlets* there, and the only thing at all is a clothes-pole for hanging things. I’m pretty put out about that. Upside, it looks like Newt is hale and hearty. I’m sure I’ll hear nothing about the inspection at all unless I ask.

Did I mention that I really dislike having people I don’t really know at my house when I’m not there?

Ah, well, I’m home now, and decompressing, gabbing with my sweet pea. Life is good.

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