A real digger mole… appears to be real according to the US Patent office. Here’s a couple related patents:

Tunnelling process and the gizmo itself… I have wanted an underground vehicle for a very

These don’t mention using nuclear power – they use lasers and other heat sources, but not nuclear…that makes it a lot more believable. It would be tough to use nuclear powered borers very extensively in secret because of the tight controls kept on fissionable materials… but anybody can build a laser.

Of course, I’ve also always wanted a supersonic zeppelin, too.

Puppy-Frog!, and a fantastic entry about maps.

gator peek!

Nuts! printroom figured out how I was trimming off the ad. back to hosting from home!

gator peek 2

That’s better. freephoto-i.net, until I devise a realtime image clipper, or stop beang cheap with my own bandwidth.

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