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The Roman goddess of Excrement was Caca?

I’d always thought it was Sterculius?

Hey, just a dang minute. Are they saying that chocolate and Coca-Cola are products of plants named for the Roman god of feces?

From Sterculiaceae

“Sterculiaceae, or the Cacao Family, is a chiefly tropical family. The family is not of primary agricultural importance, but there would be no chocolate, cola or cocoa if the family did not exist. Sterculia, the largest genus in Sterculiaceae, is comprised of about 300 species. It derives its name from Sterculius, the Roman god of privies, on account of the smell of the flowers and leaves of certain species. Stercus means “dung” in Latin.”

Yeah, I guess so. Ewwww….

How would you descecrate a feces gods’ temple? Clean it up?

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