Now this is a pretty cool online test.

The Cube.. my results came out pretty accurately. I won’t share them here, as I don’t want to pollute anyone else’s taking it with my viewpoint. I’d really like to see a collection of responses to it…some fun creative visual images, at least.

Beware those comments about the boss

Just like e-mail or Web traffic, instant messages can be monitored by corporate network administrators — whether those messages are sent to colleagues using a company’s own software or flashed to friends across oceans using freely available programs from America Online, Yahoo! or Microsoft.

Dangerous Labs

, there’s a whole section on distilling moonshine!

, there’s a jet powered go-cart!

, there’s the mysteries of radiation, including the tale of the radioactive boy scout!

, this is an article on squirrel fishing. that’s not on the science-site, but it’s fun!

nighty night, dear journal. I’m up too late!

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