Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Mondays are wonderful to come home to Newt… he missed me after having me around all weekend, so he’s all crazy-lovey. It took ten solid minutes of cat-squishing to get him to relax and knowI’m in with him for the night…so he can dash off, and hang out on the cardbard boxes.

found a new supplier for goodies… that video card is $100, and looks to be easily installed. I look forward to having that machine up and solid…I’m going to bring the laptop in to work once I have the big machine solid, and back her up there… I’m contemplating the new network… point (palm), Line (laptop), Square (Web server), and Cube for Big Boy. Or maybe not.

Ack! Dang Yahoo!

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ah… scalding hot shower on my rhino hide feels sooooo good after a long day. my shoulders are still steaming.

War Ellie figs from Warhammer Ancient Battles. I want a battle elephant! If I don’t get carving soon, I’m going to yodel or something. (note, of course, my ellie-carving skills are mighty crude, compared to the folks that did those miniatures. I really like the quilted armor about five down.)

peaceful ellies!

war ellie
war ellie2
war ellie 3
war ellie 4
war ellie 5
war ellie 6


You know that of Hannibal’s ellies, he started with 34, but only seven survived the trip. Poor things, but the two big battles were won, anyhow. Carthaginians were mighty. Sadly, like Antony, he too pussed out and took his own life to avoid repercussions.

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