good evening, mr and mrs america, and all the ships at sea….

I’m wondering about my beloved today, and hoping that she’s feeling better.

Spent a long time today working on a programming project, and learned quite a few nifty tricks… Code Guru has some handy tips, and the article on the joy of rotor makes a few interesting observations.

Newt’s been a sleepy boy all day, but now he’s in full-gear paper wad fetch mode. He just leapt up, and deposited the wad at my left foot, and took off like a flash…. he ran left, so I tossed right… I saw an orange and cream streak whiz past, and start to hockey it around before picking up the “dead” ball of paper, and returning it to me. He’s going to keep this going until he wears himself out again, I’d wager…keeping his predator skills up. I really care for that little monkey-kitty. He hasn’t flipped the kitchen lightswitch lately…I wonder if he got tired of it, or forgot how.

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