don’t bother pressing the door close button.

ok… invader zim is on friday nights at 9:30, and sundays at 1pm. good to know.

Bea Arthur wrestling velocoraptors,Mr. T in Elysium, and Abe Lincoln kickin’ butt, all from this guy. groovy… refreshing skill and humor.

The “close door” button on the elevator does little more than give you something to do while waiting for the elevator door to close on its own. The button does work occasionally, but only when the elevator’s not communicating with other elevators in a system to handle traffic, or when the landlord has special-ordered a button that works.

The rest of the time (that’s most of the time in elevators you’re likely to ride) the button is just a piece of plastic that happens to indent. “The computer system doesn’t even recognise it,” says Leonard G. LaVee, Jr., executive director of the National Association of Vertical Transportation Professionals(go ahead… click it… I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was making this up.) Saying “Come on, come on, baby” like a big doofus reportedly doesn’t help either. Test for yourself, if you dare!

modified the design of my blog….still pondering putting a comments area there. upside of blog, I can incorp java, perl, whatever I like. downside, the friend’s list interactivity isn’t there.

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