day five of the herb garden

Fresh from the shower, and ready for action!

Well, once I finish dressing for the day, anyhow. I generally leave the most outer-layer of clothes off until I have to get going.

Penis explodes during sex.

Ambulance Chasers with style Hee… I like the map to the office. (has some sound)

Newt’s a chatterbox today… I can say something, and he’ll MoW! or MeR! back with gusto. Looks like the little boy wants another chase around the place.

Now that that’s been done, it’s time to water the plants! Hey! Sprouts!


First appearance of basil. 🙂


The catgrass has sprung up overnight!

Dexter got my shoe!
Dexter shares my fondness for birkenstock footwear

newt peering over the laptop screen
Hey, mom… do some fun stuff… enough programming, ok? maybe pick up some of those computer bits, and chase the kitty!

diana's special friend
The interior of Chupacabra’s old computer

even a roach chooses death to her company. yuck!

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