Dale tolerates too many bugs!

typing as fast as my bear-mitts will allow…

Got the foreign video distribution program worked out, after about maybe two or three years of dancing around the bugs, fixing manually what the original programmer never managed to automate. Finally, with Dale being out a few days, it became a priority… mainly because neither MsK or I want to do any more menial work than is absolutely necessary. Before this weekend there really was no priority put on making it work… Dale is a unobtrusive guy, and would rather do an extra hour or so of work a week than complain. Not me…I’m all about automating anything that doesn’t require creative thought. (There are a lot of programs built now that have the “push a button, wait 20 minutes while it chews on the problem, and then validate a report” rather than the old way of “spend an hour or five going over the data with a fine-tooth comb, and hope that human error doesn’t rear it’s ugly head today”).

Recent completed internal projects – Laser room status tracking, Setup Department Tracking, Finish Automating the Video process, reconfigure backups to get everyone’s new machines covered nightly (gah… if a person renames their system, the backup will no longer know how to find it. New players on the network are Voyager Trek-based, via MsK. Sort of a wacky combo, now… machines named for the user in question; Dale, Kevin, Paul, 2001 ASO; Hal & Sal, Newton (self-explanatory), utility ;spool, setup, solimar, American Lit ; Emerson, Twain, Poe, Stevenson… now we have 7of9, Torres, and a plethora of others. I prefer a single theme, but there is something to be said for variety. )

On the burner, currently – Updated Setup reports, Updated Laser Room Reports, Clean up security on the master database, automate processes for West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, and Canadian offices.

I’m pretty pleased with the golem story, thus far…maybe a little more revision, and it might be worth shopping around. I really have to get on my mail-junk… it’s been an age, and I have a few manuscripts that have been waiting patiently to mail since the top of march or so.

Heading into the Doc’s tomorrow morn… hopefully this will be the last checkup for a while. I scheduled early enough that I should get to work on time… we’ll see.

Hitting the sack early tonight… put in a lot of juice-draining thought. nighty night, dear journal.

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