another linkie to thinkie on. Hate and Evil disguised as logic is an ugly business.

People like this give me a headache.


But it is always illuminating to get a glimpse of the thought processes of people that don’t agree with you. It is also an education in the rational reasonableness of some rather extreme views. They don’t foam at the mouth or use INAPPROPRIATE CAPITALS or end every other statement with numerous exclamation points!!!! They use a spellchecker and correct punctuation, and if speaking would probably use a conversational tone.

And yet… Lewis Goldberg – “Promoting Abnormality”… has the lovely section:

“Through the last hundred and fifty years or so, we have been told that if we only accept such-and-such, this nation will be a better place. We abolished slavery, and the nation was no better off. We let women vote, and the nation was no better off. We forcefully desegregated society, and the nation was no better off. We flung the doors open to mass immigration of heathen, and the nation was no better off. We broke down the barriers of employment to women, and the nation was no better off.”

Note that none of these sectors of the general population (one of them constituting at least 50% of humanity) are considered to be a part of “the nation.” Apparently “the nation” isn’t black or female or anyone but his particular political or religious belief born in the US. *We* abolished slavery and *We* allowed women to vote and *We* graciously allowed those goshdarn heathens to take up residence and pay taxes and become citizens here, but *We* (the nation) are no better off.

That section could be delivered at the top of the lungs at a beer hall or in front of a burning cross and feel right at home, but it just slides on by when delivered in a conversational tone of voice. The guy questions the wisdom of abolishing slavery in the year 2002 and I doubt very many will call him on it. Ugh. How sickening is that? This guy gives freedom of opinion a bad name.

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