a recap of dreams before I go

Strange dreams of being a jeweller, putting diamonds, rubies and sapphires into settings last night. I used pearls to destroy a poison in a friend’s bottle of beer. It dissolved like an alka-seltzer, and turned the drink blue, but he drank it down and thanked me, anyhow. The pretzel bowls at the bar had salted fortune cookies, and the fortunes they gave were in mandarin, so you had to ask the bartender to translate.. we didn’t trust him, because he gave us poisoned beer, so we went looking for an all-night chinese food place to get the straight dope on what was inside. I also dreamed that my beloved dyed her hair to a wacky anime-color… a red / pink not found in nature. sort of a crimson with cotton-candy tips. In the dream-world I thought it looked good, but I’m not so sure upon walking in wakesville. I think strawberry to regular red suits her just fine. Her fortune was “gather knowledge like roadside flowers”, and mine was “Focus inner strength on outer puzzles”. neither were really fortunes, more like advice. I don’t recall what Mark’s was.

Wacky search connect to my site of the day –

make out places in fort lauderdale – 14 down

man… if you can’t find a place in fort lauderdale to make out, without using the internet….you haven’t been there.

got to get moving… lots of errands to run this morn, before work. until tonight, dear journal.

Whoops! forgot to hit send! I’m out of the shower, waiting for my ride, now.

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