a few pics tonight… counter to the day shots from january 27.

a nice closeup of frankie fruit for 😉

frankie fruit, neon

frankie peeks from behind the pit!
A hint of frankie fruit peeking behind the flaming pit… he’s hiding… waiting for an unwary traveller to not see his glowing orange smile until it’s too late.

flaming pit!
The neon for the flaming pit.. a steakhouse, but maybe also a gateway to doom?

street light, unlit
a view of an unlit streetlight from directly below.

the street in front of my apt.
My apartment is directly on the right… look at that light pollution! why I can’t stargaze from home… at least facing south.

Brother looked good & mostly unhurt… looking forward to his new gig. 🙂

I hope everyone recovered from the horrible tornadoes in MD on Sunday…. yikes! I just saw the images from the storm… what a nightmare.

Nighty night, dear journal.

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