A random Scotto factoid or two – I’ve never taken any course as Pass / Fail ever. Not sure why that is.

There’s not a whole lot that I’d do for a klondike bar. maybe take one if offered. Now if a friend asked me to cluck like a chicken or babysit, I would despite ice cream in the deal or not.

wacky link to my journal peapod the pocket squirrel… I’m number one on the google search for that!

I’ll spread the meme, but only because I really like the title page more than the after animation.

spooky pictures of castles and towers

What a totally sad ending for justice league…the least they could’ve done is helped rebuild the destroyed world… I am glad that they dedicated it to Gardner Fox, though. Sort of a nasty dig of “Ray Thompson” and Roy Thomas.

Looks like that tape is about full…I’ve just got to fit about 30 minutes more. This Saturday (after I get paid, and can get ot the PO) I can ship off so many of those things I’ve been meaning to mail for ages.

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