Fresh and clean from the shower, house smells like champa, and I have a slight patchouli aroma. Now, I crave the first meal of the day. Nibbling on Newt-ears doesn’t cound as part of this complete breakfast.

I think a walk to the grove and bakery is in order. A loaf of french bread, a gallon of orange juice, and tasty orange blossom honey…. I have some raspberry tea and cereal here to polish it off…. and it’s a beautiful day for a meandering trundle out in the sun. I’ll return home after, set up a little picnic, and relax here the rest of the day. Sounds like a plan to me.

I look forward to seeing my beloved tonight, hanging out and relaxing… recounting our Saturdays to each other, and just enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully, she got to blow off some work-steam out last night… she’s been working very hard these last few weeks.

Dirty dozen on the TV… man, Charles Bronson was always a dog-face, wasn’t he? He looks like he’s part monkey, part Robert Blake.

Ok, enough lounging… time to get up and feed my belly and wanderlust.

See you later, dear journal.

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