Freaky Bottomless Pit

ELLENSBURG A topographic map spread on the hood of a car showed where the search party would start. There is a hole out there, they believe, a hole that not only appears to be bottomless but has, on at least one occasion, brought an animal back to life.

The hole, the story goes, exists outside of town on land once owned by a man who calls himself Mel Waters. For years, he said, it was used as the neighborhood dump for trash, old appliances, dead cattle. When the hole never filled up, Waters measured its depth by lowering weighted fishing line into it. After 80,000 feet, he gave up. Amazed by this odd place (which dogs and birds avoided), Waters called radio host Art Bell, whose late-night show on conspiracies and the paranormal attracts a huge national audience.

More info at the article, but due to the presence of a fella named Brian Christ of Ellensburg, the article also included some of my favorite lines:

“Christ was clearly nervous. He’d heard what Waters said happened after he went public – that soldiers in yellow gear cordoned off his property and threatened to “find” a drug lab on it if he didn’t cooperate.”


“At base camp, Christ had big news.”

Totally unrelated… or is it? Even apples and oranges are tasty edible fruit. Want to be a Superhero, for real?

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