Saw a lovely Russian couple at the laundry… young and in love…really enjoying each other’s company, conversing and laughing together. I’m so nosy…I wish I knew what they were gabbing about, but my Russian is limited ot about five phrases, da, and pravda. If they ever have kids, they’ll be adorable… both of them had nice facial features.

This weekend is the seafood festival! How fast a year goes by… it seems like it was just a few weeks ago I was hearing about it packing up. Last night it was the Fabulons, then Otis Day was playing, and tonight it’s Grand Funk Railroad… maybe I’ll take a walk down there tonight if the mood takes me. Heh…in St. Auggie, it’s the cabbage and potato festival… I’d rather go there. *urp* The air and sea show is coming, too… I wonder if I’ll go this year, now that I have a camera.

Oh! I found a piccie of the mall of the dead’s beginning…soon I suspect it will return to the dirt from which it rose.

Maybe I can get Danny to go with me to the Cranberries concert on 6/1?

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