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forgot to mention last night’s dream… transcribed from my bedside notebook –

Dreams of laying face-down in the dirt, a layer of skin painlessly removed, covered in tiny seeds, fine as powder, and then the skin replaced without even a seam showing. a tickle behind the knees where the sprouts began to show… but where I expected seedlings to be there was instead a fine, soft fuzz that changed slowly into iridescent feathers of a deep green to a golden hue.

soon, my entire back was covered with the same sort of stuff… from there, three pairs of wings sprouted… a set at the shoulder blades, another at the base of my back, and the last near my ankles. Despite having them, I didn’t try to fly.. instead, I just tested them out, flapping and raising a large wind… while not a tornado, a large wave of air was projected in front of me, sending most things directly in my line of sight up and away with the force of a hurricane.

Few things were immune to the wind…buildings and flagpoles, though vehicles would get caught up and sent rolling away from me like a toy cast off by a careless child. Trees didn’t seem to waver much, but loose debris was swept up and the area inside the gust was clutter-free.

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