I have an urge to make a scarecrow for the herb garden.

weird seach code to my website of the day – AltaVista – bob ross painting death 9 down

an interesting article about copyright law. I lean to his idea #2 at the bottom.

Newtella the mountain-goat is on munch-episode two on his catgrass. He just trots right up to it, takes a seat in front of the salad bar… wait, I stand corrected, the pot’s been overturned. Ack, time to get more soil. He does dig the plant-life, though. nice thing about sweeping up the spilled dirt is that I can toss it back into the pot.

sunny and bright today, but my mind is happily residing in a comfy nap-zone of dark clouds and soft rain…. my noggin is heady with good, snuggly thoughts.

more fun info on the planets lining up.

I find myself wondering what would happen if a Tunguska event-type thing happend today. What sort of alarms would it set off… how much annoying news coverage would there be? The conspiracy theories and accusations that would follow… who would believe that a meteor just fell out of the sky and did that to a major city… like New York or Washington DC… perhaps a lesser target, like Disney World? Perhaps a story seed, probably not one.

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