note to self, tomorrow, cash your check, pick up about 4 bars of ivory soap to practice carving on, and pick up your prescription, make appt with neurologist.

also, find a local source for a whetstone to sharpen my jackknife, and maybe a small block or two of cherry wood, and a few testers of balsa.

Things I want to carve: (if I get the knack going again)

  • An Elephant for my beloved. (to start… maybe a few things, if I get the knack, this is the source of my urge to carve… Turtle, Black Cat and Bear too?)
  • A wooden spoon for me, just to have a tool I made myself…
  • A Yeti (basswood? pine?)
  • A Bear (Baswood?)
  • A Newt-kitty (pine?)
  • A Self-Portrait ( pine?)
  • Toys? It’d be wonderful to give hand-made stuff next Christmas.

An Elephant is a good one to start with, because it’s a boxy shape, and a good test with the ears and trunk. (no tusks).

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