I love her so much! just the sound of her voice sends me into a combination tizzy of laughter, warmth, and happiness. The vcr timer is set to record DBZ for my beloved tomorrow at 1pm. (vcr is set, but it says there’s a courage marathon on. I’ll record just in case.) I hope she has a good time tomorrow, out and about.

My bro called me up to tell me that he’s going to give me some bigtime dinero back that I lent him…all right! (I loan him $ without though of when or if it’ll come back.. so when it does, it’s like found money.) looks like he’s going to get a haircut for it…. that’ll be odd… weird seeing him with a trim. I bet he’ll look good. we’re going to hang out tomorrow, go shopping at the bookstore and maybe swing by target… I’m totally enthused about seeing him…he sounds healthy and solid. He’s also going to buy himself a sony playstation… which he’ll appreciate more in a year, when I buy a dvd burner. (Can playstation play vcds? I can burn those, now) if you’d like to join us, I’ll be here at about noonish-twoish. If you can’t make it, I’m sure that photos will be taken.

Supper tonight is curried rice and veggies with a couple of bottles of Killian’s. a fine, fine supper for a friday night. spicy, smooth, and fragrant. Newt is very curious about it… but none for the boy. I should put curry in the herb garden…. it’s a gift from nature that I’m delighted to have found. I wonder how hard it is to grow? I’m already planning on adding lavender and patchouli to my window box.

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