the more I play the freedom force demo, the more impressed I am with the range of powers and stats available. This is a *complete* replication of Champions, without all the rules-lawyering, and cool 3d effects. I would really like to see this exact same engine charge up more games in the future, and the fan skins are a hoot.

the only thing they seem to need to implement is more objects, and a way to grab and throw enemies. (or use them like a weapon… I miss the old days of champions, using a guy in power-armor as a club against some big burly fella in a rhino suit.) and maybe a better environment design kit.

My beloved is taking Saturday off to chill and relax after her hectic week…I’m contemplating going on walkabout while she rightfully lounges the day away.

What I’d really like to do is to go with Dan up to Grad night (tomorrow at Disney world, from 9pm to 4:30 am)… If I could get a ride up, I’d be surrounded by a bunch of graduating seniors at the haunted mansion. hmm… could be keen. I won’t be going, though.

Now I want to play my old duke nukem at disney mod… I wonder if it’s still at doombuggies? why, yes!…hee. speaking of which…check out all the rides that are becoming movies, now. Hmm… sort of the SNL school of movie making.. take a 2 minute ride or sketch, and stretch it out to two hours or so…bah. I will still check out the country bear flick.

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