I used contraption and boondoggle in a sentence today (referring to one as the other), regarding why I don’t drive a car. Nice walk this morning, and my seeds look mostly unmolested. no sprouts yet, but it’s really only day 3. I woke up this morning to Newt sleeping by my side, curled with his back to me from armpit to my elbow.

This was my day at work yesterday. warning, sound. It was a thick day, as the ol’ Dale was out with pinkeye and we were suffereing from electrical trouble again.

I don’t know how he gets in my dreams, though. Lunch today might be oatmeal and a banana, if I can wrangle a nanner from the roach coach.

I need to synch some palm sketches at photos in, but I’ve got to fly for now… maybe tonight, dear journal.

before I go, a cool snail for my beloved.

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