new fabric softener… I usually use snuggle… but I got “fresh rain scent” instead of the regular scent… I really like it. I first noticed it on my sheets, but didn’t think it’d be this distinct on my clothes! It seems to mesh well with the other hippie element… a patchouli daub.

The weather outside is lovely, if a trifle more humid than it was, earlier.

It looks like someone has been at my seeds… it looks like the wrap over the basil has been accosted in some way. I wonder if it’s an animal, or the little girls next door. I had to put them outside, against the house to protect them from Newton… I hope that I made the right decision.

got a line on an information brokering gig, possibly. I think that’d be the bee’s knees… I actively enjoy at finding information on the net and at libraries, and could use the money, too.

welp, off to work. Note to self, pick up scrip on the way home tonight.

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