hmm… just got done singing a lullabye version of Bodies by Drowning Pool in goo-goo papa-baby talk voice to Newt. He seemed to dig it. I know I did.

My brother is doing quite well today, his new doctor is treating himright, and has him on a good sports medicine doc. I may even look him up, should my back tweak out on me agian anytime soon.

I missed an opportunity to go to the movies with trhe hippies tonight…they left a message at 2ish…I guess I was doing the laundry, and didn’t discover the voicemail until just now. Shoot! I’d have liked to go see a few things that are playing… Ice Age, Death to Smoochy, or even Clockstoppers. Ah well… next time. Spilled milk, I guess. Looks like I’ll resolve to do Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on VH1, instead.

update- Hey! I didn’t know that Billy the kid was also the actuarial program from Tron!

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