Step one on the laptop trail… got her on the worknetwork, and backed all 9 gigs to one of the servers (the silly thing had over 100 gig free, so little guilt taking the space for a few days), and have begun burnnig it to CDs, for more perm personal backups. Tomorrow, I will reformat the thing, reset it tofactory, and copy just what I wanted to save locally. The Laptop will ideally run much better, and I’ll have freed up a healthy chunk.

Heard from my brother, and he’s doing a lot better, and has the next two days off to rest, soak, and recover. Now, he just needs to stay in, and not go stir crazy. I’m going to see if he wants any comics or books to read tomorrow morning. He’s set for food, and living cash, so we’re good.

I like the word sustained. It’s an excellent beginning to something even better, all things considered. That said, I think I’ll seek sustanance, and return in a moment.

I’m also happy in doing a job well. The monkeys in the laser department haven’t broken my tracking system yet, and neither have they made any unreasonable requests for future features. Fester *loves* that I made him a 16 point font version just for him. (his eyesight is poor… and it was an interesting test. when he logs in, it goes *boom*, with all the fonts and field sizes swelling out evenly.)

I cleaned out the laptop keyboard (aka, Newton shed-bench), and got about another kitten’s-worth of hair out of the cracks. Yeesh… at least it’s clean!

links found in sundry holes –

Eeek! David Hasselhoof Video. Is it wrong for me to say I like the guy? He seems like a nice fellow, and has never really done anything bad… I liked knight rider as a kid. (Must be the German side of me… they love him over there.) I do, however think that the video is extra cheezy. It’s the same sort of cornball foolishness that my buddies and I put together in high school… over a decade ago… except we mocked Zamfir ,master ofthe pan-flute. DH looks like my uncle bobby. that must be it. Coolby association. Bob is one of the coolest cats I know. (Married to my Dad’s Sister). is a great interactive frog dissection.

Scary Paintings of Michael Jackson. Nuff Said.

Do you remember wacky packages? I swear… I had about 50 of the raw goo stickers.

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