Back from this morning’s walk… dreamed that I was riding with my sweetie on the back of a woolly mammoth…(I tell you what, I bet washing and brushing it would be a full-time job. I’ll bathe it if she takes care of the Mammoth’s snarly locks.) But we were in a covered howdah, with the bottom removed, so we could pet the ellie’s pelt, but still have cover from the weather…it wasn’t bad though… night time, clear, cool. I would prefer being there right now, actually. we were riding through a high-grassed meadow, laying on our backs, looking a the stars…a slow, loping walk, just letting the hairy beastie go where it wanted to.

big piccie of ellie armor (I’m going to slightly modify it and make it desktop wallpaper… by putting my sweetie, Newt and myself on his back)

real ellie armor

more real ellie armor

cray-zee howdah

I like it, but I think I’d prefer it in bright red or dark green.

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