I miss having regular access to vending machines that would drop a cup, and fill it with cocoa, soup or coffee… The kind that had playing cards on the side, and you’d get points. We had one where I interned that you could even bring your own cup, if you didn’t want to be environmentally unfriendly. people I know drink a few cups a day… add that up over a year, and you have a *huge* pile of trash.chinese wallet

I also miss free vending. The place I’m at now would never make it… I could see folks in the mailshop emptying all the twinkies and soda, and taking them home, instead of living up to the honor system.

Here’s a list of fun stuff that has been found in vending machines. the idea of the art-o-mat is very cool, indeed. I would probably buy things from there weekly. This stuff reminds me of the weird junk you could get at hotel machines, or bowling alleys. Smoking monkeys, disposable razors, gag junk like magic tricks and packs of cards.

this rosetta stone for unix is far too useful… nice to have it all in one place.

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