eagle stamp Have you seen the blue eagle on the new US 57 cent stamp? Ye gods, it would be right at home at a Nuremburg rally. Someone actually wrote about it.

I don’t agree with those written opinions, but looking at the conspiracy theorist under a magnifying glass… you can see the knowledge he has, and the misapplication of same. A lot of the information *is* sound, but the reaching involved cracks me up. That sort of rant makes for a perfect additional spooky-loony character that gets killed off after explaining the plot to an invesigator or main character.

The guy seems to forget that the eagle is the national emblem of the USA. Has been for over 200 years, and that nobody has a market on art deco design. I wonder what shaped that guy’s perspectives to the current leaning. Is he just saying stuff to be inflammatory, or sell to a market? Does he really believe what he’s blathering about?

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